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Hi friends.

I just have to write this article for many reasons. First of all, because almost everyone asks this question in one form or another.

“Why all this?»

We live in an era of digitalization, and perhaps the most significant effect is free access to information and the possibility of free dissemination of information. This destroys the state’s monopoly on the” truth”, reduces trust and respect for the government. To increase the flow of people who choose the country for citizenship, learning, business, medical treatment, taxes, real estate, savings, etc. In the process of finding your ideal “place in the sun” people convinced of the imperfection of the world order.

Creating virtual countries is a logical and natural side effect of these processes. The fact that there are still few of them, and they are not particularly effective and successful, is not a sign of the failure of an idea, but a sign of lack of development and perseverance in its implementation. If you work through the concept in detail and put enough effort into it, the absence of competitors will not be a sign of hopelessness, but it will be a unique chance to succeed first. And as soon as the first project is successful, the process will become avalanche-like. But, as in any innovation, great victories are usually won by pioneers. Therefore, I think it is wise to move forward with innovative persistence, passing through impassable jungles, and so it will be.

In some movie I came across the phrase “collective prayer of believers works miracles”, so I want to rephrase it and I will sound like this:”collective work of thinking works wonders.”

So, I’ll start, and you join me. Let me be the first stone that gently rolled down the mountain and became the beginning of a powerful avalanche.

Verdanya is a virtual state, and therefore has no physical boundaries, but its virtual domain can extend to the entire Universe.

Verdanya’s system of rules (laws) regulates the behavior and relations of Its citizens in the information and legal field. (there is a need for a Minister of the interior who will work and submit a set of laws for discussion).

Foreign policy of Verdanya determines relations with already existing countries. This is necessary for the Minister of foreign Affairs (preferably with knowledge of English), who will correspond with the aim of mutual recognition first with all existing virtual States, then with unrecognized physical States, with micro-States, then with the UN, as well as apply to the appropriate authorities for the registration of the name, registration of a two-letter code, the creation of a domain zone, etc. Also, the responsibility of the Ministry of foreign Affairs should include the issue of legal registration of property and the opening of embassies for the purpose of conflict-free infusion into the existing global political, legal and economic structure.

Next, I will write tasks and goals in any order, as I see them.  I can’t do it all by myself, but I’ll start in the hope that thinking people will see the perspective and catch up in the process.

We need temporary power to develop the principles of” democracy ” (I don’t know what to call it), but I think it is fairer if there is a right to vote at all, but the value of votes is not the same. I’m not sure how you can tie to the site forum for free communication of citizens. Activity on the forum, performance, rating of statements and proposals allows you to calculate points. Or to make in the form of local currency some points that can be earned by intellectual work in society and the number of these points will depend on the price of the citizen’s vote… It is necessary to study this issue.

The Minister of education should develop a knowledge structure that will allow citizens to work and have a stable income without going offline. To provide all citizens with free and free access to this knowledge, as well as the opportunity to communicate, discuss, help each other, to unite in groups for the implementation of major projects, to provide the services of a guarantor to avoid unfair transactions. (although the last point is probably not the Ministry of education, but the Ministry of Finance. Perhaps it makes sense to do something like a common large gallery-portfolio of all citizens of Verdanya, to present in full our labor market for foreign investors.

The Minister of labor and social protection is not provided and his functions will be performed by someone else, it is necessary to regulate the ability of citizens to earn, using their opportunities offline (for example, making symbols or documents). In addition, it is necessary to provide a platform for citizens who are specialists and want to share knowledge with other citizens through training or seminars, as well as to provide an opportunity to speak freely with those who took advantage of this opportunity. As far as it is useful, it is necessary, etc., to weed out low-quality.

I will finish this article later …


It is necessary to clearly formulate the national idea of Verdanya. This is an Association of citizens, on what basis? What should give a person the citizenship of Verdanya? What’s the point? What are the prospects of the project in General and each of its participants in particular?

At First, I will take full responsibility and present the General idea as I see it, but it is a General concept, not a doctrine. This is in order to call the first like-minded people, people who want to fully feel like the owners of their lives and change it according to their ideas. This is a project for creative people who do not want to turn into an Imperial crowd, do not want to use imposed consumption standards, behavioral models and stereotypes of thinking.

In the past, people went in search of free land to establish their settlement by their own rules or to conquer another’s land with weapons in their hands. But it did not give a real chance from scratch to build your world on the mind, because in the new settlement people brought the old way of life and the system of relations. The same can be said about revolutions. All of them in principle were directed against something, and the result is more destructive than constructive.

I find it unwise to spend creative energy fighting and destroying. Why, if you can create an ideal territory, free from old forms and unjustified structures.

So, I’ll try:

I, Irina the First, the Queen of Verdanya, Cheerful, the Patroness of all nomads and stateless people, created the independent state of Verdanya on the following principles:

  1. We basically do not touch anything and do not want to destroy the existing. Our goal is in no way to restructure society or any of the existing States or to impose any ideas or change existing borders.
  2. In Verdanya we gather thinking, creative, caring people who would like to realize themselves in a new project.
  3. Verdanya is a transnational project, for the convenience of using the most common languages. Anyone can become a participant without restrictions on nationality, religion, age and sex.
  4. The main idea is respect and benevolent attitude to any person, creation of conditions for personal growth, free realization of talents and creative potential. As well as providing opportunities for active or not very involved in the creation and implementation of a number of projects from small to large. Projects can be commercial, educational, cultural.
  5. I believe that you can not think carefully, and then step by step to implement the plan. You can spend half your life writing capital works that will not be implemented or, if you try to implement, will be distorted beyond recognition. So, let’s start with small projects, gradually developing, complicating, expanding. The main thing is not to deviate from the fundamental principles and, as a result, a new world is being formed, created by the conscious creative will of a huge number of thinking caring people.

Verdanya will give a person an additional degree of freedom — to choose not only his place in the finished world, but also to become a participant and Creator of the new . The creative potential of a person will no longer be constrained by the fullness of social niches and the impossibility of a social Elevator without sufficient resources. Active people are more likely to move into a state that requires creativity and free will than to try to break into the existing system. In a virtual state, you get the opportunity to take a position according to their knowledge, activities, hard work, regardless of origin, capital, place of residence, the presence of diplomas and other factors.

The community of citizens with an active position, knowledge and creative potential, is closely connected with each other in the space of communication – it will be a new type of state. And, as the implementation of various projects, it will inevitably enter into competition with others in some areas. This is likely to lead to mass migration of people into a virtual society.

I do not think that it is necessary to paint all the perspectives of this project, because at the initial stage it is preferable to unite with people who know how to see possible ways of development and are ready to take a personal part.

The economy of the virtual state is able to give occupation to a huge number of manufacturers of both virtual, downloadable and physical goods and services, as well as to convey all this to the buyer without problems, to provide free information about the quality (by publishing real reviews), to protect against unfair transactions.

The policy of the virtual state provides an opportunity to try and implement a form of democracy, which I have not thought about. But, in any case, in the virtual space it is easy to implement mechanisms to avoid corruption, making all processes transparent and understandable to all. And in the process of development of Verdanya its citizens will acquire the habit to take an active civil position and acquire the experience, which then can be used in the real world.

A virtual state is a “community of communities” where people can unite in their own interests and jointly implement their projects in any sphere, this also applies to the sphere of art. In the field of culture, the virtual market provides direct contact between the producer and the consumer, which simplifies the promotion of talents without the use of a producer.

Thanks to such close communication and interaction of interests, the spirit of a new community, a new “national spirit” or patriotism will gradually grow.

Here, all together-patriotism, virtual economy and virtual politics of the new society, and will be the key to the success of the project “Verdanya”.

“Virtual” in this case does not mean “fake” or “toy” State. . Existing in the virtual space, as if “nowhere”, in itself it will be a very real community of real people engaged in real business, observing the real rules of the world, United by common ideas, plus also staying in a single real cultural field. The economic, political and cultural impact of such a society on the world can be very serious if the population is large enough.

The main advantage of the “virtual society” is that it allows you to organize a space free from the control and influence of the existing government. In the virtual world, community members have the ability to develop and set rules themselves. And with the growth and development of the community can occur quite powerful financial, political, educational and cultural trends. Without the mediation of officials, politicians, the media, a significant mass of thinking people will be able to show their free will, and how they will use it, time will tell.

Another undoubted advantage of the virtual state is that its center of power, the center of its public life, the source of its sovereignty is in the virtual space, that is, “nowhere” and, accordingly, it is almost impossible to destroy it. Modern technologies allow to organize the process so that even the physical destruction of the servers will not deprive citizens of the opportunity to continue interaction, communication, business and all other processes. And to exterminate citizens, in principle, it is impossible because physically they will be “scattered” on all planet, instead of are concentrated in one place. All this guarantees the peaceful development of the country and contributes to the peace of its citizens.

Although the virtual state can own and real territory. In particular, it has the right to have embassies (consulates) in those States that have established diplomatic relations with it. In accordance with modern international law, such premises enjoy the right of extraterritoriality, as well as ships, aircraft, trains, vehicles belonging to the virtual state and registered as its property.

Such material enclaves can be scattered around the world, as can citizens who will enjoy all the benefits of dual citizenship, and such dispersion will not prevent the virtual state from being, politically, economically and culturally, a significant integrity that will need to be taken into account.

It is in the virtual world that a person acquires much more opportunities to be himself, to form and declare his unique worldview than in the “real” one, overloaded with standards and conventions. The citizenship of Verdanya gives a person an additional degree of freedom to choose not only his place in the world, but also the world in which he would like to live and participate in its formation.

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