Decree No. 1

Decree No. 1
On the establishment of Verdanya./О создании Вердании.

So, today, 01.01.2019, I, Irina K,  at the moment I am not a citizen of any real country, hereby decide:

1. Consider as a true “country Verdanya exist”.

2. To consider cyberspace as the territory of Verdanya for an indefinite period of time.

3. Beginning of the citizenship of Verdanya (details in the decree on granting citizenship of Verdania).

4. To establish an Absolute Monarchy as a Form of government Verdanya.

5. I appoint myself the ruling monarch. From now on, the official address to me should be “Irina the First, the Queen of Verdanya, Cheerful, the Patroness of all nomads and stateless people”.

6. I order to form a government composed of:
– Ministry of foreign Affairs of Verdanya,
– Ministry of the interior of Verdanya,
– Ministry of trade and Finance of Verdanya,
– Ministry of science, culture and education of Verdanya,
– Ministry of justice of Verdanya,
– Ministry digital development, communications and mass communications of Verdanya.

7. Adoption of the Constitution of Verdanya as a document of the highest legal force.

8. To determine state languages in Verdanya English and Russian on an equal basis.

9. Use currencies and payment systems that actually exist at the moment.

10. To develop and approve the state symbols of Verdanya, namely: flag, coat of arms and anthem.


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