Do you want me to sing a song about gypsies?

Why gypsies? Why not? What do we even know about them?

These are people who have lived with us for many centuries. They roam. They live in small groups called camps. We have been taught since childhood to stay away from them, because they can steal or deceive. Their children do not go to school, do not use our medicines, do not put vaccinations. It is believed that they are dirty, live in unsanitary conditions. They do not dress like us, they have their own language, but they also speak the language of the people with whom they live. This is probably all.

What does Wikipedia say about gypsies?

Gypsies came from India. Initially, they were masters of professions who did not need a permanent place of production, but needed a constant change of market. This blacksmith, jewelry and handicraft production associated with the manufacture of household items such as baskets, ropes, jewelry, dishes, etc., also enjoyed musical, theatrical and magical services. Since all of these services were in demand, Roma were provided and respected.

Currently, these people have settled around the world, their services are no longer needed, therefore impoverishment, marginalization and criminalization of the Roma population are noticeable. They are engaged in mass begging, petty theft, fraud and drug trafficking.

Here is a bad picture. Why are they so interesting to me? I just want to accept some well-established judgments that seem more understandable to everyone, criticize them and see what happens.

Let’s start. As for the drug trade – I have nothing to say, I have not come across this. Dirty – not sure. I was traveling in a crowded bus next to a careless gypsy, but she did not smell, and well-dressed men smelled of a mixture of cologne and caustic sweat, so I wanted to jump to the nearest stop to get some fresh air. About theft and deception I personally think that at them it is considered “decent” to steal and deceive “not the”. I don’t think they steal from each other. It is worth Recalling here that where there is a clear separation between “friends” and “enemies”, there are much more serious deviations from the internal rules adopted in a society. For example, someone admits that “infidels” or “outsiders” can be killed or even eaten, and their women and children captured. Therefore, against this background, the Roma look extremely calm and peaceful people and do not cause fear.

I am interested in other questions. Gypsies do not have their own religion. That is, they accept or do not accept the religion of the peoples among whom they live. Thus, they have freedom of religion. Gypsies have their own language, but not all of them speak it and communicate mainly in the languages ​​of the peoples among whom they live. That is, here they have freedom – language. Gypsies do not have their own country, their land, and they settle where they want, that is, they have freedom of movement. Now Google what is the calling card of the nation. Language. Religion. State. History.

But gypsies don’t have that. And the nation exists. But, for example, the great Russians, or, say, the French, have it all in abundance. Now imagine that you have an idea to revive and re-create the great Russian, French and Gypsy nation (well, just for a mental experiment). What happens?

Russia will promote old Russian customs, holidays, dresses, encourage people to unite and introduce more authentic things into everyday life. All will of course “for”, small business will develop in terms of the production of national”little things”. But in General, everyone will simply not have time to develop this idea. Because you need to work every day, pay loans, buy children “fashionable things” to their school respected, to carry the family on vacation, no worse than others…

In France, they will write a program for the revival of the great French people and discuss it in parallel in society. Debate. In order not to accidentally violate someone’s rights. After all, it is really a difficult task to create a program that, on the one hand, causes national pride, and on the other – not to infringe on the rights of, for example, black French citizens, which returns to the old way of life and does not affect the rights of sexual minorities, etc.

And it will be enough for the Roma to arrange a meeting of Gypsy barons and decide on it what professions can be given to people in modern society, so that they are worthy, give an income and do not violate the accepted way of life. For example, Arbitrage traffic or setting up PPC advertising or any web profession. Then order the creation of educational sites for Roma children and announce some significant award and universal respect for parents whose children will be able to master these professions. And all, when this news spreads around the world, we will see fun, begging Roma children, in the hands of which will be phones with training programs (each parent will be able to motivate their child to learn, if it is profitable). And in a few years, when they make money instead of begging, people’s attitudes will change. In any city or village will be glad that stopped Gypsy camp, because they will have money, will buy goods and services from local.

But is that all I’m trying to get at? What, after all, defines a nation? If it is not a language, not a faith, not a territory, not a state, then what? Why do some great nations with a great history, with a large territory, who fought and won wars, live compactly, speak their own language and yet lose their identity, merge, dissolve in their own way? And small nation, without their God, are scattered around the world, speaking hundreds of different languages ​​- for centuries they always remain whole and do not mix with anyone? And in general, is it good or bad that borders are blurring and in the modern world society becomes as if united, without a clear distinction between national ones? And, if it is possible to erase borders and make from several Nations actually one, with the generally accepted values, aspirations, the same way of life for all, is it possible to do the opposite? For example, if we unite and develop common standards of morality (tolerance of different groups), consumption standards (average living conditions for the family, fashion, etc.), can any groups of people to whom these standards do not fit, isolate themselves and form a separate “nation”, for example, like the same Roma? Regardless of territory, religion or language.

Everything is possible. You just need to know how. And for this you need to understand that for centuries does not allow Gypsies to dissolve in society? I’ve thought a lot and now I know exactly what’s keeping them from disappearing among us.

They teach their children on their own

That’s all. This is enough to pass from generation to generation their main values, customs, folklore. These children are not taught to think like everyone else, to be tolerant, to follow fashion trends. They are not “socialized” in schools and this saves them. In most modern schools there is no respect for the student as a person, the student is in a situation of total control and psychological pressure, he is taught to be a “cog in the system”, obey, earn points and accept their fate. Perhaps I am wrong, but I think that no amount of knowledge justifies the moral damage of modern education. Especially now, during the Internet and universal access to knowledge, I think it is possible to organize a high degree of education of children without causing them moral damage by “unification”.

Thus, we can draw conclusions:

  • it is possible to identify a new national group of people who accept and support common values, even if they have different languages, religion, country of residence
  • in order not to mix with others, it is enough for them to organize the training of their children
  • this people can not stand out either externally or by language, or by nationality or citizenship from their environment and, nevertheless, to be United
  • such a nation cannot be attacked because it is “dissolved” and has no separate territory and external differences. Which means he’s invincible.

But now it turns out we are closer to the theme of the site. Country of Roma – the Gypsies, the country, Verdun – Verdanya)))))



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