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Hello, friends.

There is such a popular expression: “If you do not like the place where you are-change it, you are not a tree”.

A lot of people do that. Migration is a constant phenomenon. People move around the world in search of a better life. Someone ran from war, and someone from political regimes, someone in search of a more prosperous life, social benefits, someone did not like the climate… There are some “clichés” and in some countries there are continuous and dense flows of migrants.

When this question arose in front of me, it turned out that our planet is very close. And if you thoughtfully approach the search for your place under the sun, the choice is not great. I plan to explore different countries for my personal purposes to be able to settle there temporarily or permanently. Perhaps my research will be of use to you.

I definitely won’t impose my opinion on you (I just don’t have it). I will consider each country thoughtfully and objectively, taking into account:

location (continent, proximity of oceans, climate, frequency of natural disasters, number of neighbouring countries and relations with them, etc.)

land area, availability of mineral resources that cause wars, population density, mainly urban or rural, basic races and religions, standard of living, average wages, common language, etc .

capital and major cities (population, infrastructure, cost of rent and purchase of real estate, etc.)

-how the country behaves in the international arena (in what blocks it is included, how independent and from whom, what international conflicts were in the recent past and whether new ones are brewing)

– how popular is the country for immigrants, what is their attitude, what are the legal options to be a long time without citizenship and what is the procedure for obtaining citizenship

tax policy. This, I think, is a very important issue that many people do not take into account when choosing their “place under the sun”.

In General, my first task is to collect the most accurate and relevant information, systematize it and conduct an initial analysis.

And then, having all the data, you will need to make the right decision. I don’t know what’s right. For example, you can choose to live:

– a country with a very serious tax burden and full transparency of income, but which provides excellent social security, good protection of its citizens, laws and a high standard of living

– a country with an average tax burden + transparency + universal credit burden, although on relatively favorable terms + the need to fit into the generally accepted standards of living

– a country that lives on foreign investment and offers the most favorable tax policy. But in such places there are significant drawbacks, they also need to be carefully studied

– a country with an average tax burden that is committed to full transparency and effort can only offer kecks…

– someone may like to live on a small tropical island, where only the jungle and a couple of fishing villages. Put there generator, connect satellite Internet and be a shaman-programmer…

Why do I even have this question? It just so happened that I’m almost an adult and I still do not have the citizenship of any of the recognized countries. Here I can only boast of a passport of a citizen of Verdanya. My country. Officially you can contact me-Irina the first, Queen Verdanya, cherful, the patroness of all nomads and stateless people. You can read more on my website (link below video).

When I look at the world in search of my place under the sun, I have such associations.. I don’t know, maybe you too? I see the world as a small medieval village where men are States and their wives are the peoples of those States. And here each such family lives on the way.

Some in love and harmony, the husband takes care of his wife and pampers all sorts of nishtyakami possible, and the wife gladly gives him everything that can and is proud of her husband.

Most people just live in harmony. According to a written or unwritten contract, it is clearly stated what the husband gives (what protection, what content, what conditions of life, what degree of freedom) and what, how much a woman owes him for it.

And some live without love and without consent. Husband wife not respects, holds in poverty, rights infringes Yes still sometimes humiliates and rapes. Wife responds with hatred, trying to escape or stupid, humbles himself and suffers.

Now it’s a mixed village. And these men, instead of doing business and even conflict with each other, gather in a gang-blocks, together make friends against someone, arrange fights…

I would, of course, prefer not to join any family, I do not need anything from anyone and I do not want to be touched, but it is hardly possible in practice, so you need to make a choice. Right choice.

I would prefer to find a quiet little craftsman, some carpenter or shoemaker who, although not rich, but lives peacefully, does his job, does not indulge his woman, but treats with respect and does not particularly touch. And place it somewhere on the outskirts, in an uncomfortable place that no one else wanted.

In General, I’m just trying to find a place with the most honest and fair conditions of the “contract”, i.e. if the state requires a lot, and gives a lot, and if there is no nishtyakov, it does not Rob a citizen, and gives him peace to solve their problems.

To be honest, I have never seen such countries before. Those where it is customary to dream to move-all do not meet my requirements. So you have to think about everything in order in all the details, and then choose what is a simple analysis of the pros and cons.

So let’s get started…

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