The citizenship

Decree on the citizenship of Verdanya.

1.Any person that understands, accepts and agrees to comply with the laws of Verdanya, can become a citizen of Verdanya.

2.To accept the citizenship of Verdanya you need to write an application and submit to Irina the First, the Queen of Verdanya, Cheerful, the Patroness of all nomads and stateless people (hereinafter simply “the Queen”).

3.After consideration and approval of the Queen, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance to the citizenship of Verdanya in electronic form.

4.Plastic ID can be ordered separately and is not free of charge.

5.Becoming a citizen, you have the right to work for vacancies in the government.

6.Citizens of Verdanya are not obliged to pay taxes, but have the right to make one-time or regular contributions to the maintenance of the government, if it activities suit them.

7.The citizens of Verdanya have the right to make any reasonable offer to the government or to the Queen herself. All appeals will be considered and answered.

8.Especially for people who want to become a citizen of Verdanya, but at the moment is a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship – provides for the status of a permanent resident without citizenship.

9.A permanent resident has the same rights as a citizen. This status is only entered for your convenience. The identity card of a permanent resident is outwardly different from the identity card of a citizen.

10.Every citizen has the right to renounce the citizenship of Verdanya. To do this, you need to send a special request. It will be reviewed and your citizenship record will be deleted.

11.The Queen has the right to deprive a person of the citizenship of Verdanya if he violates the law, calls for terrorist activities, distributes drugs or engages in other activities contrary to our peaceful policy.

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