The Constitution

The Constitution Of Verdania

Verdania was created to compensate for the imperfection of the existing world order in terms of respect for human rights and freedoms.

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of the constitutional system

The form of government of the state is an absolute monarchy.

The Royal person appoints the Ministers of the necessary departments by order and, if necessary, may reduce or increase the number of ministries.

Chapter 2. Human and civil rights and freedoms Verdania

Personal freedom is inviolable. Everyone has the right to life, personal security, protection of dignity, freedom of thought, speech, religion and freedom of movement.
In exercising his or her rights and freedoms, a person is obliged to protect the rights and freedoms of his or her fellow citizens.
Any person may become a citizen of the state subject to the full adoption of the principles and laws of the state. (the process of citizenship is described in detail in the Verdania citizenship act »)

Chapter 3. The Government Of Verdania

Taking into account that Verdania is an absolute monarchy, the order of formation of the government, the structure of the government, the competence of the government and the order of resignation of the government are determined by the resolution of the monarch and enshrined in the « decree on management»

Chapter 4. Constitutional amendments and revision of the Constitution

If necessary, the draft amendments may be considered and discussed jointly by the government and the ruling person. Amendments to this Constitution may only Supplement it, observing the General provisions and in no case changing the defining concepts.

Chapter 5. International position

Verdana is an exceptionally peaceful country. Advocates the strengthening of peace and harmony between countries. It seeks recognition and friendly relations with all peace-loving countries.

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